polyester staple fibre prices

polyester fiber manufacturers in China,we have microfiber pillow filling material.

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • color: Raw white
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang province
  • Use: Quilts,Furniture,Waddings
  • Pattern: Raw
  • Fiber Type: Hollow
  • Product name: Recycled HCS 3D

We, from Jixing Fiber, are a famous name in this industry and have great demand for our microfiber pillow filling in the polyester wadding and mattress-making industry. Likewise, our clients in the stuffed toy industry find our polyester staple fiber prices to be competitive.

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

Our products pass the SGS Environment test confirming to all the industrial standards of production. We ensure our product does not cause any harm to the environment.

When it comes to technology, we use the most advanced that helps us produce superior quality of fibers. We ensure our clients in domestic market as well as across the globe experience our products and enjoy them the most. Our commitment to producing these fibers has been the only motive making us strive hard.

Hollow conjugated silicon 3d*64mm specificate:

Filament( denier)3.42D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)9.1*1010
Elastic recovery(%)77.6
Cut Length(mm)64
Over-long fiber(mg/100g)18.7
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:188 V2:52 V3:165.5
Crimp number (/25mm)4
Crimp ratio(%)20.49
Hollow ratio(%)16.8

polyester staple fiber

What makes PSF from us so unique?

·       Adhere to all industry standards

·       Manufacture Hollow Conjugated Siliconized and Hollow Conjugate Non-Siliconized fibers

·       Manufacture superior finish and weight in all bales with consistency

·     Experienced team leaders ensure quality by checking it throughout

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

Your quest to acquire the best quality wadding material in polyester ends here at Jixing Fiber. Our company’s forte has always been the production of superior quality of polyester fibers. Whether the client seeks PSF virgin or recycled, we make them all. 

Our specialty polyester staple fiber is durable and ideal for use across diverse industries.

Types of Polyester Staple Fiber Fillings

When it comes to creating polyester fiber fillings, we, from Jixing Fiber ensure to offer nothing but the best value for money. 

After all, we are the most reputed polyester fiber manufacturers in China. Polyester fibers are of two types - Virgin and Recycled. 

The Virgin polyester fibers are usually made of MEG and PTA. The recycled ones are made from just the Recycled PET bottle flakes

Terms of business:

1. Fiber Fineness: 3D

2. Fiber length: 32mm, 51mm, 64mm, 70mm

3. Color: raw white

4. Material: Recycled PET bottle flake

5. Features: soft, warm, breathable, water resistance, elastic, mildew proof, portable, flame retardant

6. Usage: winter clothing, bedding, sofa, toy, mattress, water purifier core cotton, spray cotton

7. Application: apparel, wadding, home furnishing, filtration, medical hygiene

8. Packing Detail: 250kg-350kg/PP woven bag/bale, 8-10MT/20'FT, 19-25MT/40'HQ

9. MOQ: 8-10MT/20'FT for trial order

10. H.S. Code: 5503.2000

11. Delivery time: 5-20days after 30% deposit

12. Payment term: 30% deposit & 70%  balance T/T before shipment; L/C at sight

13. Production Capacity: 45000MT/year

14. Origin: China mainland

We, from Jixing Fiber, are keen at creating the softest fibers and at the desired length that helps in offering our clients the option to select as per their industrial needs. 

We are constantly evolving and are even eager to welcome more industries from across the globe. Contact us here for checking our product lineup in polyester staple fiber.

Filament( detx)3.87D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)6.8*109
Elastic recovery(%)63.58
Cut Length(mm)64
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:227 V2:55 V3:164
Crimp number (/25mm)6

polyester fiber