recycled polyester fiber

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  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • color: Raw white
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang province
  • Use: Mattress,Filter,stuffing toys
  • Pattern: Raw
  • Fiber Type: Hollow
  • Product name: Recycled HCS 15D*64MM

recycled polyester fiber is made from discarded Coca-cola bottles and mineral water bottles; please see bottles of PET flakes details in Wikipedia: it is recycled polyester eco friendly fiber.

the first step of washing PET flakes is critical. This is the crucial point in the elastic of recycled polyester staple fiber. We buy abroad advanced recycling cleaning and environmental protection equipment, from bottle selection, label drop, bottle cleaning, sundry removal, bottle screening, metal detection remove, bottle crushing, bottle packaging, A total of 16 processes are used to ensure the cleanliness of the bottle.

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

Recycled hollow conjugated siliconized 15d*64mm

polyester staple fiber

Specification :

Filament( detx)14.18D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)1.3*1012
Elastic recovery(%)77.3
Cut Length(mm)64
Over-long fiber(mg/100g)18.9
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:184 V2:48 V3:169.4
Crimp number (/25mm)5
Crimp ratio(%)21.53
Hollow ratio(%)17.5


Warm Keeping

   The hollow conjugated silicon is lighter by 20% than ordinary fiber with its hollow construction. It can keep the body warm by trapping warm air and isolating cold air. The fiber is light and good in warm keeping.

 Good hygroscopicity

   recycled polyester material can discharge the moisture quickly in the body skin and keep dry and warm, reduce the uncomfortable sticky feeling with its advantages of special wicking effect and large surface.

Recycled polyester fiber is different from virgin polyester staple fiber. Oiling agent can play a lot of role in regenerated fiber. The most important ones are smoothness and anti-static. 

The basic requirements of oiling agent should be: good chemical stability; Specific production process and fiber variety requirements; 

oiling agent can be better wet and spread on the fiber surface, antistatic should be functional; the viscosity should be low, 

no corrosion to equipment; non-toxic, harmless to human body, easy to obtain raw materials, low cost; high flash point, Our company's oil agent are all imported .the brand name is Wacker Chemie AG and Goulston

polyester staple fiber

Since the new environmental protection policy, recycled polyester market in china cannot import PET bottle flakes. Please see another post for reference:; domestic bottle flakes cannot meet all the demand for chemical fibre factories. 

Therefore, the price of chemical fiber is much higher than that of its recycled polyester manufacturers in Thailand, There are some factories which produce recycled polyester fiber. Such as:


Kangwal polyester Co.,Ltd

Indorama Ventures PLC 

But China still has advantages it cannot replace:

the quality is better

the factory efficiency is faster

delivery time is on time.

Filament( detx)7.52D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)5.9*109
Elastic recovery(%)64.03
Cut Length(mm)64
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:207.67 V2:67.74 V3:157.32
Crimp number (/25mm)6

polyester fiber