polyester fiberfill

polyester fiberfill stuffing wholesale, biggest polyester staple fiber production line,we have polyester staple fiber anti dumping tax

  • Material: 100% Polyester RESIN
  • color: Raw white
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang province
  • Use: nonwoven,down feather,Pillows
  • Pattern: Raw
  • Fiber Type: Hollow
  • Product name: Virgin HCS 15D*64MM

We are the polyester fiberfill manufacturers in China. For further information about polyester fiberfill, please see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyester_Fiberfill .

We have a method of PTA-directly-melt spinning tech. to produce virgin fiber, which can keep top quality stability. What is polyester fiberfill made of,the answer is PTA and MEG. Our raw material is PET Resin, not chips. 

We have our raw material machine which cost US dollar 40 million. We already have our big supply chain system .please see raw material factory by Video


PTA and MEG photos:

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

Polyester fiberfill hollow conjugated siliconized 15d*64mm specification:

Filament( detx)17.21D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)9.7*109
Elastic recovery(%)72
Cut Length(mm)64
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:167 V2:57.48 V3:132.34
Crimp number (/25mm)4

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester fiberfill business information:

1. Fiber Fineness: 15D

2. Fiber length: 32mm, 51mm, 64mm

3. Color: Raw white

4. Material: PTA and MEG

5. Features: soft, warm, breathable, water resistance, elastic, mildew proof, portable, flame retardant

6. Usage: winter clothing, bedding, sofa, toy, mattress, water purifier core cotton, spray cotton

7. Application: apparel, wadding, home furnishing, filtration, medical hygiene

8. Packing Detail: 250kg-350kg/PP woven bag/bale, 8-10MT/20'FT, 19-25MT/40'HQ 

9. MOQ: 8-10MT/20'FT for trial order, 50MT/official order

10. H.S. Code: 5503.20

11. Delivery time: 5-20days after 30% deposit

12. Payment term: 30% deposit & 70%  balance T/T before shipment; L/C at sight

13. Production Capacity: 23000-46000MT/year

14.Brand: Jixing

15. Origin: China mainland

Virgin polyester fiberfill is durable, and the stuffing toys filled in .it can last in good condition for around three years, Use 100 polyester fiberfill to give your human-made pillows the right stuff, your hand knitted stuffed animals the right fluff or use it during the holidays as beautiful snow without the mess. Polyester properties are as below:

1-Good resilience and grade A quality.

2 -Highly elastic & super soft hand feeling.

3 -Less flaw & Better warmth character.

4- golden before & after sales services.

There are also some factories which produce virgin polyester staple fiber hollow conjugated siliconized 15d*64mm, please see details:

www.huvis.com  HUVIS

http://www.feg.com.tw THE FAR EASTERN GROUP

www.indoramaventures.com Indorama Ventures PLC

Filament( detx)17.21D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)9.7*109
Elastic recovery(%)68.87
Cut Length(mm)64
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:167 V2:57.48 V3:132.34
Crimp number (/25mm)4