recycled polyester staple fiber plant

what is staple fibre, staple fibre is the polyester fibre which made of PET flakes and PET bottles.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • color: Raw white
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang province
  • Use: sports wear,non-woven fabrics,duvet
  • Pattern: Raw
  • Fiber Type: solid
  • Product name: solid 1.2D

Do you require Recycled Polyester staple fiber as a material for any of your production processes?

Are you a wholesale supplier and need to supply high quality PSF to your clients?

At Jixing, we’ve got just what you need.

We supply 100% PSF to wholesalers, distributors and even factories who require PSF for further manufacturing processes. 

We ensure that each batch of polyester staple fiber is unadulterated and made with the highest standards of safety and structural integrity. As a leading producer of hollowfibre filling in China, we ensure that we provide only the best PSF in order to maintain the strong reputation we have built over the years.

Solid 1.2D *38mm specification

Filament( dtex)1.37D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)7.3*108
Elastic recovery(%)56.68
Cut Length(mm)51
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:145 V2:28 V3:95
Crimp number (/25mm)5

                                   opening solid siliconized fiber:


Compare fiber after opening:

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

As a synthetic fiber, PSF has a great many number of uses. This makes it suitable for companies that require the affordability and accessibility that this synthetic fiber provides.

It is especially utilized in factories involved in the production of spray bonded cotton, polyester fiberfill, polyfill, polyester wadding batting for quilt or pillow for stuffed toys.

Other applications include; applications in the manufacture of non-woven carpets, wadding, cushion stuffing, filtration industries, soft toys and quilts, pillows, and even in the making of Geo textiles.

Our lab :

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

With PSF, you get varying qualities depending on the application for which it is intended and at Jixing, we can ensure that the quality you get is well suited to your need. A good example is our Hollow polyester staple fiber which is used in the manufacture of premium cushion, pillows and quilt.

Our supply services is unrestricted by location as we have customers all over the world. Our state of the art facility, excellent staff and remarkable technical know-how is a testament to the impeccable quality we bring.

1. Fiber Fineness: 0.9D,1.2D

2. Fiber length: 25mm, 32mm,38mm

3. Color: optical white

4. Material: PTA

5. Features: soft, warm, breathable, water resistance, elastic, mildew proof, portable, flame retardant

6. Usage: winter clothing, bedding, sofa, toy, mattress, water purifier core cotton, spray cotton

7. Application: apparel, wadding, home furnishing, filtration, medical hygiene

8. Packing Detail: 250kg-350kg/PP woven bag/bale, 8-10MT/20'FT, 19-25MT/40'HQ

9. MOQ: 8-10MT/20'FT for trial order, 50MT/official order

10. H.S. Code: 5503.20

11. Delivery time: 5-20days after 30% deposit

12. Payment term: 30% deposit & 70%  balance T/T before shipment; L/C at sight

13. Production Capacity: 45000-50000MT/year

14. Brand: JIXING

15. Origin: China mainland

Filament( detx)1.37D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)7.3*108
Elastic recovery(%)56.68
Cut Length(mm)<%251mm

polyester fiber