cushion filling material

what is staple fibre manufacturers & exporter - buy what is staple fibre 7D / 15D/3D AAA GRADE from China supplier

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • color: Raw white
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang province
  • Use: Mattress,Filter,stuffing toys
  • Pattern: Raw
  • Fiber Type: Hollow
  • Product name: Recycled solid 0.9D

Did you know that the use of cushion filling material is one of the most viable ways to guarantee economic recycling of plastic in a way that is both safe and cost effective?

we produce high quality PSF from crushed Pet bottles. We are a very environmentally aware company looking to maintain a green environment by converting these toxic wastes into highly resourceful raw material for industries.

Our facility features highly functional and modernized equipments that guarantees the production of pure and uncontaminated PSF that can be used directly in the manufacture of house hold products.

Recycled 1.2D*32mm silicon

Filament( dtex)1.47D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)1.5*109
Elastic recovery(%)70.3
Cut Length(mm)51
Crimp number (/25mm)15
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:123.4 V2:24.9 V3:99.1

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

Typically, PET bottles and cans are non-biodegradable, this makes them environmental hazards that poses a threat to wildlife. At JIXING, we utilize a large scale manufacture process to produce PSF from scratch.

We understand that the applications of PSF are many and we want to provide both wholesalers and factories a readily available source to get the exact scale and grade of PSF they need to engage in their manufacturing process.

Our Fiber has many applications including common uses like, polyester wadding, batting for quilt, pillows, stuffed toys, and even polyester fiberfill. It is also applied in the production of non-woven carpets for automobiles, the production of yarns, and others.

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

                                                                     hollow conjugated silicon fiber production line:

polyester staple fiber

polyester staple fiber

With more than 3 years of operation, we have continued to expand our production to meet the various requirement of our numerous clients and we look forward to breaking new grounds.

We are pioneers in the PSF industry, and we serve both small scale and large scale supply needs. Whether you require PSF as a feedstock for other manufacturing process, are interested in purchasing our fiber for further resell to your client or need high quality PSF for direct use as stuffing material, you can count on us to always bring you the best quality.

1. Fiber Fineness: 1.2D

2. Fiber length: 32mm, 51mm, 38mm

3. Color: optical white

4. Material: Recycled PET bottle flake

5. Features: soft, warm, breathable, water resistance, elastic, mildew proof, portable, flame retardant

6. Usage: winter clothing, bedding, sofa, toy, mattress, water purifier core cotton, spray cotton

7. Application: apparel, wadding, home furnishing, filtration, medical hygiene

8. Packing Detail: 250kg-350kg/PP woven bag/bale, 8-10MT/20'FT, 19-25MT/40'HQ

9. MOQ: 8-10MT/20'FT for trial order, 50MT/official order

10. H.S. Code: 5503.20

11. Delivery time: 5-20days after 30% deposit

12. Payment term: 30% deposit & 70%  balance T/T before shipment; L/C at sight

13. Production Capacity: 45000-50000MT/year

14. Brand: JIXING

15. Origin: China mainland

Filament( detx)7.52D
Specific resistance(Ω.cm)5.9*109
Elastic recovery(%)64.03
Cut Length(mm)64
Bulkiness(cm3/g)V1:207.67 V2:67.74 V3:157.32
Crimp number (/25mm)6

polyester fiber