What is the best cushion filling material?

2019-02-16 15:04:18

On the current market, there are several types of commonly cushion filling materials, including polypropylene cotton (PP cotton), feathers of water birds, silk, and other first-class materials. 

PP cotton is also called hollow cotton or stuffing fiber. Its raw material is the recycled polyester staple fiber, which has two common commercial classes: solid & hollow polyester staple fibers.  

polyester staple fiber

This product has great elasticity, smooth texture, great warmth retention. And it is a relatively low-cost material. 

On the market, feathers of water birds are also called down, including duck down and goose down. 

Feathers of water birds contain fat and have extremely high fluffiness. They can therefore create spaces to isolate heat loss, resulting in great warm-keeping ability. 

Silk is a continuous long fiber solidified from the secretion of the larvae of silkworms when they are cocooning. It is also called natural silk, which is a homogeneous and soft natural fiber. 

It does not shrink. So it can be used permanently without re-processing. Silk is the upper-end filling material due to its greatest softness and ability to keep warm. However, the price of silk is relatively high.

There are two filling methods: machine filling and manual filling. The cushions filled by machines are relatively uniform and fluffy. 

On the other hand, the cushions filled manually are not as good as those filled by machines. 

Cheap cushions on the market are probably filled with shoddy cotton. They will have direct adverse effects on your health. So we should not choose the very cheap cushions due to their low cost. The loss of doing so outweighs the gain.

The filler material of the cushion is not the more the better. If the filling is too much, the cushion will be relatively hard and the elasticity will be poor, which will produce a tight effect. 

In particular, the pad is particularly uncomfortable on the waist, so different sizes have different gauge filling amounts, not as much as possible