Three steps let you quickly know why all down clothes using imitated feather fabric

2019-02-16 13:40:58

The down feather is collected from the abdomen of geese and ducks, and the flower-like fluff is called downand the schistose-like fluff is called a feather. 

Because down feather is an animal protein fiber, its ball fiber is densely packed with thousands of triangular pores, which can shrink and expand with temperature changes, making a temperature-regulating function.

It can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body and isolate the cold air from outside.


polyester staple fiber

For a long time, down feather products, especially from goose , duck and other animal have been widely used as warm-filling materials in clothing, sleeping bags and other cold-proof products. 

However, the rise and spreading of bird flu all over the world bring difficulties to those products that have always been using down like duck down as thermal materials. 

The down and feather become rare, expensive and hard-to-get. At the same time, some domestic and foreign customers are so frightened by bird flu that it becomes highly demanded to create an alternative product for the down and feather.

The imitated feather fabric is a kind of polyester fiber which has a similar fineness to the down and feather. It is actually not real down and feather while it has some same features.  

The imitated feather fabric, like natural down and feather, has a good texture and an excellent ability to keep warm. The fine and compact fibrage is able to lock the air and create a stable and still layer of air, which can be used for protection against cold.


Moreover, sufficient silicon treatment and moderate curling make the fibers have a good hand feeling, and the fibers are not easily entangled with each other after long-term use. 

The imitated down fabric used as duvet can be further processed to make it keep cotton. The agglomeration has always maintained excellent fluffiness.

Its warmth and fluffiness can also be compared with natural down, and its chemical fiber nature gives it a mildew, easy to store, and can be washed, especially for those who are allergic to down.


polyester staple fiber

There are several main steps in the production of imitated down cotton:

(1) put a weight percentage of 50%-55% virgin polyester solid fiber, 25%-30% hollow conjugated siliconized fiber, 15%-25% low melting fiber, after thorough mixing, firstly do rough-opening, then carry out fine-opening, then obtain a mixed fiber. Polyester solid fiber is generally 0.9D-1.5D plus silicon, length is between 38mm-51mm. Hollow fiber is generally 7D, length at 64mm.

(2) send the mixed fiber into the vibration to the cotton box, combed into a mesh by a carding machine, and the mesh is cross-laid through a reciprocating molding machine, and laid into a mesh-like feather down cotton of desired thickness and weight.

(3) send the net-like imitation down to the drying room, and the heating is gradually heated to melt the low-melting-point fibers, and the mesh sheets are connected to each other, and after being cooled by the cooling roller, the imitation down cotton is prepared


In short, the polyester fiber shown on the label of a so-called down Jacket is exactly the mixture of multiple man-made fibers. 

It's an alternative to the pure down feathers. After knowing this, clothing made from man-made fibers should not be called down jacket anymore, the real name is the polyester fiber jacket